When I started to learn web design, the biggest miracle was this: how somebody is able to turn those beautiful, so detailed PSD files to an actual working, clickable website. And now, look at me :).
Still such a long way ahead, but at least I know which way to go.
Many thanks for the coder-sorceresses of OWT (the Premium Webdesign Course) Emese Pócsik and Hajnalka Molnár, for teaching and still supporting me.

So here we go: have a look on these and let me know, if you need something like this :)

/ Clean, quick, lightweight one-pager for an English teacher who starts his teaching career in Hungary

English teacher

/ Clean, quick picture-focused design for a riding school

Riding school

/ Modern design for a beauty store
with animated css. School project from OWT

Beauty store

/ Fancy design from 2005-2006, not so modern anymore but still a challenge to code with all these gradients and transparent layers.

Fruit shop

/ Responsive landing page with modern design. School project from OWT

Ski camp

/ Responsive "coming-soon" one-pager with modern, dark design. School project form OWT

Coming soon

/ Responsive page with grid system. School project from OWT

Movie list

/ Non responsive one-pager with modern design. School project from OWT

Gina Sylver DJ

Website plans and layouts

Different styles but all these plans are focusing on the responsive design. Some are from my Web-designer school, (OWT) and the credit and many thanks for the original idea and for the support goes to Anna Zsu Tóth.

/ Responsive, dark theme for a steampunk-blog.

Steampunk blog layout

/ Responsive modern design for a horticulture with bright, outstanding colors.


/ Responsive vintage-style blog

Vintage blog

/ Responsive modern metro-colors design with bright, funny metro colors. School project from OWT

Metro ui

/ Responsive dark, modern design for a mechanic company. School project from OWT



Logos and graphic works, OMG it's much more complicated than I ever thought. A good logo is easy, simple, unique and referes to the company -not surprising that the best logo-makers are almost wizzards.
Here are my designs and my school-projects: in this case the credit and many thanks goes to Anna Zsu Tóth and Vida Hajnalka.

/ Logo for a small book store. I've chosen the owl, what represents wisdom and a dominant blue color suggest knowledge, trustwhorthiness and professionalism. Notice the book shape at the bottom.
The graphic is available.

Book store logo

/ I made this logo just for myself and for the challenge. Had this thought in my mind to use only curves to design a horse-logo and finally this is the result what I am happy with.
In case of interest, the logo is for sale.

Horse logo

/ The idea behind this logo is a family-run confectionery, called Red Pinquin. Really a challenge put together the red, the pinquin and a sweet shop.
I decided to keep the pinquin, but in a really cute, round way and use the red as a heart what he is holding.

Red pinquin Caffee

/ Logo for a fruit delivery family business. School project from OWT.
The idea was a draw-looking, simple, colorful design, what shows the quality of the fruit, the speed of the delivery and with the hand-made basket represents high-quality service.

Fruit delivery business

/ Logo for a small business, what sells and repairs bikes. Shool project from OWT.
The idea was representing a business, where everything can be found what a passionate bike owner and rider could need. And he can be sure that his precious bike is in good hands when it needs a check.

Bike service logo

/ A nice, round logo for a flower shop, but tried to avoid the old stereotypes. The graphic still contains flower-shapes, but stands out from the thousands of flower logos.
School projectfrom OWT

Flower shop

/ Another challenge: a logo what represents a big city festival, can be used for years and never gets tired.
City and festival: the result is a graphic, where you can see the most iconic building of Budapest, but the shape and the colors remind you a glass of beer.
School project from OWT

Budapest summer festival

/ A nice, clean design for a charity what dedicates its work to help families in need.
That's why the logo keeps the round shape and has a safe green color.
School project from OWT

Charity for families

/ This logo is for a traditional Bed and Breakfast, what has a really nice, classic building, so the graphic follows the shape of the house.
School project from OWT

Small Bed and Breakfast

/ If it's an Italian restaurant, the tomato is one of the first ideas. But instead of a usual round shape, this tomato is a bit different and makes the logo easily recognisable.
School project from OWT

Italian restaurant

/ This idea is for a kindergarten, colorful and funny, cartoon-style.
School project from OWT

Charity forfamilies

/ Coffee-shop logo idea, in vintage style.
School project from OWT

Charity forfamilies

Contact me

If you like to know more about me, or have an idea in your mind what I can help with, please feel free to drop me a line here
mail goes to ivanicsreka@gmail.com